White Water Rafting in Kitulgala - Full Day


Embark on an unforgettable Kitulgala white water rafting adventure, perfect for adrenalin junkies out there along with a range other fun sight-seeing activity!

Details of the Kitulgala - White Water Rafting

  • Morning pick up from hotel
  • Proceed to Kithulgala Approximately 80 kilometres from Colombo is Kitulgala, a pleasant town whose name is derived from the kitul tree, vast numbers of which grow in the area. Kitulgala had a brush with fame when it was chosen as the location for David Lean’s 1957 epic, Bridge on the River Kwai. The film crews and stars may be long gone, but many still stop here to gaze across the Kelani River where once stood the most famous bridge in cinematic history. You have to use your memory to fill in the missing timbers, but as the film is screened so often that shouldn’t be a problem. The Kitulgala run is 6.5 km in length and takes about 90 minutes to complete. It rates between grades 2 and 3 and there are seven rapids to tackle, each with their own unique names. On a run down the river you run into the likes of Virgin’s Breast, Butter Crunch, Killer Fall and the Rib Cage. As the names suggest, they each have their own distinct character. A most interesting rapid is the Head Chopper. The water picks up speed and forces its way through a channel on the right bank of the river. The speed shoots the boat around the corner and directly into the path of a low-lying branch. The adrenaline rush is brought about more by the sense of speed than actual proximity to the branch. For taller rafters, though, it is very advisable to duck!
  • White water rafting
  • Upon decent enjoy a Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Visit plantation museum
  • After completion head back to hotel
Terms & Conditions
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